Personalized Favorite Child Wooden Ornament

Personalized Favorite Child Wooden Ornament

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PERSONALIZED TEXT INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the text you want in line 1 in the first box (15 characters max). Then enter the text you want in line 2 in the second box (15 characters max). YOU DO NOT have to use both lines. If you wish to only print one word, fill in the first box and we will center the word for you.

*Anything entered into the text box's WILL be printed on the ornament* 

Grab these custom UV printed wooden ornaments before they are gone! These one of a kind designs make for the perfect gift. Ornaments are often used to commemorate specific times in our lives. Whether good or bad, we can look back on when we received them and be filled with memories of those times.  

*string not included*

These ornaments are made here in the USA. They are cut, printed, and shipped from Logan, Utah!

🎁  Laser Engraved

🎁  Birchwood

🎁  Lightweight


Each package is handled with care and attention to make sure our customers receive the highest quality product possible!